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The Kowareta Kokoro series (a.k.a. the Yamagata Private Detective Agency series), is a multi-media murder-mystery franchise consisting of visual novels and light novels, created by game developer LockedOff.

Each entry in the series features a different protagonist who is somehow involved with the YPDA (Yamagata Private Detective Agency), a sinister agency that creates as many mysteries as it solves. Though the YPDA is the most consistent element, the mysteries surrounding it are treated as a subplot to the main mystery.

Main Installments Edit


Broken Minds Edit

An individual in a rabbit mask starts a fire.

Released, the first game in the series. It's in the visual novel format, with minigames, explorable environments, and choices along the way.

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Broken Spirits Edit

To be released, the second game in the series. Currently being outlined. Not much is known yet.

  1. It takes place after Broken Minds.
  2. Noa is not the main character. It's someone entirely new.
  3. The "ghosts" are Japanese ghosts, aka yokai.
  4. The main themes are "secrets" and "family".
  5. There will be two new detectives replacing two of the older ones.
  6. The character sprites will be shaded and more polished in general.
  7. The Logic Trains will not be returning. However, the concept of "arguing with the detectives gameplay" will remain.
  8. It will be made in Unity instead of Ren'Py, with 3D character models.
  9. The main inspirations for the game are Witch Hunter Robin, Monster, Ergo Proxy, and Persona 3.
  10. Like Persona and Danganronpa, there is a "social link" way of getting to know the characters better.

Light Novels Edit


Broken Egg Edit

A victim's flesh is mailed to her sister inside an unbroken eggshell.

Released as a companion to Broken Minds. It's in the light novel format (although, unlike typical light novels, the illustrations don't take up full pages).

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Broken Spiral Edit

Kuroyo Kage, a police officer secretly working for the YPDA, is caught in the crossfire when the police learn of the YPDA's involvement in Noa's case.

Released as a companion to Broken Minds.

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