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The Kowareta Kokoro series (a.k.a. the Yamagata Private Detective Agency series), is a multi-media murder-mystery franchise consisting of visual novels and light novels, created by game developer LockedOff.

Each entry in the series features a different protagonist who is somehow involved with the YPDA (Yamagata Private Detective Agency), a sinister agency that creates as many mysteries as it solves. Though the YPDA is the most consistent element, the mysteries surrounding it are treated as a subplot to the main mystery.

Main Installments


Broken Minds

An individual in a rabbit mask starts a fire.

Released, the first game in the series. It's a visual novel with minigames, explorable environments, and choices that alter the story.

Broken Spirits new title.png

Broken Spirits

Returning home after a suspicious accident leaves her broken and burned, Midori Kariyama finds herself pulled into the chaos of her estranged family, who are being targeted by a serial killer.

Slated to begin development in 2022.

Light Novels


Broken Egg

A victim's flesh is mailed to her sister inside an unbroken eggshell.

Released as a companion to Broken Minds. It's in the light novel format (although, unlike typical light novels, the illustrations don't take up full pages).

Spiral title large.png

Broken Spiral

Kuroyo Kage, a police officer secretly working for the YPDA, is caught in the crossfire when the police learn of the YPDA's involvement in Noa's case.

Released as a companion to Broken Minds.

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